Case studies & Testimonials

Find out how our innovative machinery has directly impacted the success of our customers.

Carnival Clothing  Adelco Cyclone
Munster screen print - Cyclone
Adelco Cyclone Carousel Automatic printing press
OPT On Demand Pro-Cure
Snuggle - OvalJet DTG High production install
Daisy Street - Thermotron Folding and Bagging line
Dy-mension screen printing
Pally with Pro-cure
Graham and Siobhan at Retro Activewear
Fifth column - Pro-cure
Nexgen with Kornit Storm Hexa
Snuggle directors Shabbir Maimoon and Akil Thathia next to their Kornit Storm Hexa
DTGUK with their Kornit Storm Hexa
Leader of the DTG Pack Tshirt and sons
adajusted ellipse2023
Graham Ridley - Things Fashion
Vortex logo
REXX logo
Hirsch CEO
Dubow Textile