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OPT On Demand Pro-Cure
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OPT OnDemand

See why one of Europe’s largest suppliers of printed products invested in another Adelco Pro-cure.

OPT OnDemand - Overview

OPT OnDemand is a Czech owned provider of on-demand print fulfillment services around the globe.  The company was founded in 1992 and has almost 200 employees. OPT On Demand and its subsidiary OP Tiger provide full logistics for the entire print production process and is partnered with some of the world's most renowned fulfilment companies such as Gooten, Printify and Zazzle.  

Operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week,  with over 4k SKU in stock, their turnaround time is an impressive 24 - 48 hours from order import to shipping.   They offer DTG, Screen printing, paper and wall art, dye sublimation and embroidery to name a few. 




Introducing the Adelco Pro-Cure conveyor dryer

OPT OnDemand has just purchased another Adelco Pro-cure conveyor dryer.  They were needing a new dryer to manage the production from their new Brother GTXpro Bulk.  They needed a short distance from printer to dryer and found that the extension to the infeed on the Pro-Cure dryer was necessary. (Extensions to infeed and outfeed conveyors are available on the entire Pro-Cure range.)

They looked into the Adelco Pro-Cure and found it satisfied their requirements, due to is length, performance, and the option for the extension to the infeed. 

We spoke to Jürgen Gauger, COO of OPT OnDemand for his opinion on their new addition.


As we are already using Adelco dryers, and have been happy with the support, low maintenance effort and reliability, it was our first choice.  

Jürgen Gauger, COO, OPT OnDemand


Once installed it was easy to start using "plug and play" the dryer performed as expected.  The Pro-Cure solved their issue with production capacity. 

Moving forward and if space was an issue, they would consider an Adelco Dual dryer - Two separate conveyor dryers and two separate burners running two production lines in one footprint. 

We asked Jürgen further questions on his experience in dealing with Adelco as a company.

Mark Smith (MD) makes it happen, good knowledge and quick decisions. Adelco are problem solvers, always innovative to find a solution, and also their machines are reliable. 

Jürgen Gauger, COO, OPT OnDemand

We wish OPT OnDemand much success with their new Adelco dryer and DTG setup and look forward to our continuing relationship with this European powerhouse. 

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