Adelco have an experienced network of distributors worldwide. Information on Adelco products can be obtained from your local distributor or direct from Adelco

Adelco has an experienced network of distributors worldwide. Information on Adelco products can be obtained from your local distributor or direct from Adelco by emailing sales@adelco.co.uk

Below is a full list of our distributors, their locations and contact emails.

Company Country Email Website
Nova Print S.A. Argentina info@novaprint.com.ar https://www.novaprintgroup.com/
Kissel & Wolf Australia info@kiwo.com.au http://www.kiwo.com.au/
Max Choice Bangladesh info@maxgroup-bd.com http://www.maxchoicebd.com
Screen Products Benelux BV Belgium info@screenproducts.nl
Prosign Bulgaria s.yohnev@prosign.bg
Willox Graphic Supplies Canada info@willox.com http://www.willox.com/
Adelco China sales@adelco.co.uk https://www.adelco.co.uk/
Grafix Digital SA Colombia servicio@grafix.com.co http://grafix.com.co/
Interestampa Colombia juanpanqueva@gmail.com
Juhl Denmark juhl@juhl-as.com http://www.juhl-as.com/
Inves Nile Egypt invesnile@tedata.net.eg
Fassi Digital El Salvador sales@fassidigital.com http://www.fassidigital.com/
Must Technologie France info@must-tech.com
Fassi Digital Guatemala sales@fassidigital.com http://www.fassidigital.com/
Fassi Digital Honduras sales@fassidigital.com http://www.fassidigital.com/
COLOR-ICT Hong Kong SAR China citc@color-ict.com
Orange O Tec PVT Ltd India info@orangeotec.com http://www.orangeotec.com/
INDOFLEX India info@indoflex.com https://www.indoflex.com/
Samafitro Indonesia www.samafitro.co.id Indonesia samafitro@samafitro.co.id
NAH Parsian Iran info@parsiansps.ir
Diemme System Italy info@diemmesystem.com http://www.diemmesystem.com/
DEMA GRAF SRL Italy info@demagraf.it https://www.demagraf.it/
Uenoyama Kiko Co., Ltd. Japan eiji@uenoyama.co.jp
ChuanPlus Industries Sdn.Bhd Malaysia andy@chuanplus.com
Khai Lien Malaysia klss@khailien.com.my
Must Technologie Morocco info@must-tech.com
Screen Products Benelux BV Netherlands info@screenproducts.nl
HI TEC INK New Zealand lesking@hitecink.com
Juhl Norway Morten.frost@juhl-as.com http://www.juhl-as.com/
Focus Garment Tech PTE Ltd Pakistan sales@focus-gmt-tech.com https://focus-gmt-tech.com/products
Assyst Apparel Solutions Pakistan info@assystas.com https://assystas.com/
Impackto Peru pablofigallo@impackto.com.pe https://www.impackto.com.pe
Norde Philippines sales@norde.com.ph
Ganz Printing Philippines ganzprinting2005@gmail.com
Amatec Poland Adam.Bujak@amatec.pl https://www.amatec.pl
Agalsea (OOO “SCREEN-SHOP”) Russia screen1@agalsea.ru http://www.agalsea.ru/
AVS Printing Singapore info@avs.com.sg
Rexx Screen Digital South Africa steve@rexxscreendigital.co.za https://www.rexxscreendigital.co.za/
Welfirst South Korea sales@welfirst.com http://www.welfirst.com/
Juhl Sweden cl@juhl-as.com http://www.juhl-as.com/
Wei Chih Co Ltd - Taiwan Taiwan cindy@weiink.com http://www.weiink.com/
Frame World Co.Ltd Thailand sompit@frameworld.co.th http://www.frameworld.co.th
Must Technologie Tunisia n.semoun@must-tech.com
Adelco United Kingdom sales@adelco.co.uk https://www.adelco.co.uk/
Hirsch Solutions Inc United States care@hsi.us https://www.hsi.us/
Printech Vietnam support@printech.vn https://printech.vn