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Storm lake - USA

The reason SSI/DPS uses Adelco gas dryers for our 2 digital print production facilities is three fold:
1 The Adelco Ecotex gas dryer is the most economical gas dryer in the industry today in terms of overall operating costs.
2. Virtually no down time. We run our 11 Ecotex dryers in excess of 10 hour her day. We cannot afford to have a dryer malfunction. With minimal preventative maintenance and cleaning the Adelco dryer has performed flawlessly.
3. The service support from Adleco and our US based Supplier, SPSI is unmatched in the Industry. Our in-house Techs know that excellent Technical support from SPSI or Adelco is just a phone call away.

Kevin Esselman, VP of Sales and Marketing, SSI , USA

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