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As a Distributor of high-end equipment to the decorated apparel industry where the equipment manufacturers are located on different continents and time zones, Hirsch needs to work with Companies who have fast support and delivery time as well as quality, reliable, state-of-the-art equipment. Adelco fills all these requirements. Their line of re-circulated air dryers have evolved over the years into the best in the Industry.

All the features needed in today’s dryers are found in the Ecotex and Duplex dryers. Such as: economic operation, even temperature and air distribution, high velocity air, efficient insulation, modular oven sections and Adelco are continuously adding innovative features to their product line. Our Customers buy several different types of equipment from us for their business. We can’t afford to let them down. That is why we work with Adelco.

Working with a Family business like Adelco, that has third generation Family members in the Company brings us a lot of pleasure and confidence.

Gavin Kidd, Hirsch International, USA

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