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Adelco Screen Printing Machines: Versatile & Advanced Textile Solution

Our innovative screen printing equipment streamlines the process for direct-to-garment and t-shirt printing.

Revolutionising Garment and T-Shirt Screen Printing

Discover the exceptional range of Adelco's screen printing machines, engineered to redefine the process for direct-to-garment and t-shirt printing. Our innovative equipment caters to a diverse array of UK businesses, from independent designers to large textile manufacturers, offering efficient, economical, and superior printing solutions.

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Exploring Screen Printing: A Fusion of Art and Technology

Screen printing is an art form that requires skill and precision. The process involves pressing ink through a mesh screen onto fabric, each colour applied separately for complex designs. Ideal for larger production runs, screen printing offers a balance between vibrancy, durability, and cost-efficiency.

The Advantages of Screen Printing with Adelco

Opting for screen printing means choosing a method that ensures vibrant and long-lasting results. Particularly cost-effective for orders over 500 pieces, this method provides a tactile and visually appealing finish.

Addressing the Challenges of Screen Printing

We recognise the challenges inherent in screen printing, such as the need for skilled operation and significant space. Our solutions simplify these issues, providing user-friendly, space-efficient machines suitable for all skill levels.

All-Inclusive Support and Materials for Screen Printing

Your Complete Solution for Printing Excellence

Adelco offers more than just machines; we provide a full suite of solutions for screen printing. This includes advanced software, high-quality screen emulsions, drying racks, and comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless printing process.

FAQs: Your Guide to Screen Printing with Adelco

How do Adelco's machines guarantee top-notch print quality?

Our machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring consistent precision and quality across various fabrics and designs.

What support can I expect from Adelco after purchase?

Adelco is committed to comprehensive customer support, including post-purchase services like maintenance assistance, operational training, and technical support.