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Folding & Packaging Machines

Our range of folding & stacking machines and automated packaging systems will complement any high volume garment business.

Automated Folding & Packaging Machines

Thermotron machines have been around since the 1970s and have a reputation for quality and innovation.  Their folding, bagging and stacking textile machines are invaluable to increasing the production capacity and consistency and quality of packaging of products. 

Thermotron Complete Folding Line
Thermotron Complete Folding Line

Thermotron offers a variety of combinations to suit any individual requirement.  Each machine is modular giving the versatility to expand and create the solution for any production facility.

The portfolio consists of the following modules:

  • STP1000 - Folding module
  • PV40 - Bagging module
  • KL60 - Sealing Module
  • BC41 - Barcode label printing module
  • NT50 - Stacking module 
Thermotron STP1000 folding machine
Thermotron PV40
Thermotron TH44 Sealing machine
LD70 Thermotron label machine
BC41 Cropped
Thermotron NT50 Stacking Machine
FX25 Folding and stacking machine - Thermotron