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Adelco Digi-Cure
Adelco Pro-Cure 180G-5
PC180G-6 Used
PC180G-6 Used

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Adelco Pro-Cure Smart - 180G-5 - Saving of £5,372

Currently in stock: 

The Adelco Pro-Cure 180G-5 conveyor dryer, has a belt width of 180cm, with a 150 cm in feed and 150cm outfeed.

Pro-Cure Smart dimensions

This machine has a 5 meter oven, and all the high spec features you expect from the latest Adelco dryer. 

This machine has a saving of £5,372 against list price. 

Digi-Cure +

We have the latest Digi-Cure + in stock. 

This machine provides great value with excellent curing ability for all textile ink systems, both Digital and Conventional as well as Transfers.

The Digi-Cure + conveyor dryer is 2.6 meters long with a 90cm in-feed and 90cm out-feed, with a 80cm belt width.

Adelco Digi_cure + Layout
Adelco Digi-cure + Dimensions
Adelco Digi-Cure +
Digi-Cure + high res
Digi-Cure +
Digi-Cure +