Thermotron STP1000 folding machine

Folding Module - STP1000

An automatic folding machine that operates quickly and quietly with the ultimate precision to perfectly fold t-shirts.

The STP-1000 is the updated version of the successful automatic folding machine STP-950, which was globally marketed in the past years.  To the new STP-1000, Theremotron have installed state-of-the-art pneumatic, electrical and electronic systems aiming at the even higher quality of its construction and ergonomics.

The automatic folding machine STP-1000 folds ready-made clothes quickly, silently and with precision. It requires just one operator and it is designed to perfectly fold t-shirts. It can be easily adjusted to fold various types and sizes of clothes, within the permissible limits.

The maximum production capacity is 5500 garments per 8 hours.

The machine is offered either as a autonomous unit or as part of a folding and bagging machines set. The machines set consists of:
•    STP-1000 automatic folding machine
•    PV-38 automatic bagging machine
•    KL-55 automatic sealing machine

All machines are offered and operate as autonomous units or as a full station. The structure of a full station of machines (STP1000-PV38-KL55) in 3 independent units aims at a more favorable purchase option according to the customer’s needs.
The automatic folding machine STP-1000 has a folding capacity of 5,500 garments per 8 hours (the measurement was carried out at our site) and folding is achieved via 5 basic programs. The machine’s output capacity depends largely on the operator’s swiftness, the machine’s program selection and the type of garment.

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