LD70 Thermotron label machine

Label machine - LD70

Automatic label / sticker dispenser & attaching machine

The new label machine from Thermotron

The LD70, is a new automatic machine developed for the placement of adhesive strips & labels for clothes. The purpose of the labels is to inform the final consumer about the size of the garment or other important information that the garment manufacturer deems appropriate.

The LD70 unit can be installed after the STP1000 automatic folding machine to receive folded clothes with the aim of placing labels or adhesive strips on them.

The LD70 automatic sticker can also be used as a stand-alone unit and can be folded manually by an employee. The productivity of the LD70 depends on the production speed of the STP1000 folding machine and its operator or simply on the operator speed when the machine is operating autonomously.

Dimensions of label rolls:

  • Dimensions of labels roll external diameter: max ø250mm
  • Internal diameter: ø76mm
  • Label’s dimensions strip type labels length: 80-180mm
  • Strip type labels width: max 70mm
  • Sticker type labels length: min 20mm
  • Sticker type labels width: max 70mm
  • Transparent labels reference mark length: min 2mm
  • Reference mark width: max 4mm
  • Opaque labels space between labels needed: min 4mm
Dimensions L-W-H: 144x 80x139cm
Net Weight 225kg
Power Supply 210-400V AC 50-60Hz
Power Capacity 1,44KW
Maximum folded Garment Thickness Max 10cm

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