BC41 Cropped

Barcode label printing module BC41

Automatic barcode label printing machine that easily and efficiently attaches labels to plastic bags.

Thermotron BC41 Automatic Label printing and Attaching machine

A new product from Thermotron, a barcode-machine, that prints and attaches labels to plastic bags.  When the bags leave the PV40 bagging machine it attaches labels easily and efficiently to plastic bags.

The output capacity of this machine depends on the output speed of the STP1000 folding machine and the speed of the operator.  

The BC41 Label machine can be used independently, or can be added to other Thermotron modules as part of the complete Thermotron folding line. 


Dimensions 216 x 93 x 108 cm
Power Supply 210 - 400V AC 50-60 Hz
Print Method Thermal Transfer
Average Air consumption 31 L/min
Air Pressure 6 Bar

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