Adelco All over Oval

Adelco All Over Oval

All Over Oval, an automatic printing press that prints on every part of the shirt, including sleeves.

Adelco All over Oval

Comprehensive Garment Printing Solution

Innovative Printing on Every Part of the Garment

Introducing the Adelco All Over Matrix Oval, an innovative screen printing solution designed to print on every part of a garment, including sleeves. This machine is a testament to Adelco's commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the textile printing industry.

Designed for the Industry's Needs

Recognizing the industry's demand for an Oval printer capable of printing on all garment parts in one movement, Adelco developed the All Over Oval. This printer is built to high specifications, mirroring the advanced features of the Matrix screen printing solution.

A Revolutionary Printing Press

All-Inclusive Printing with Standard Matrix Features

The Adelco All Over Oval is engineered to provide comprehensive printing coverage on garments, saving significant time and cost. This printer inherits all the high-end features of the standard Matrix Oval, ensuring the same quality and efficiency that Adelco is known for.

Safety and Support: A Priority in Design

  • Precision and Safety: The All Over Oval is designed for precision and safety, featuring locators for secure pallet locking and safety sensors.
  • Unparalleled Print Head and Pallet Arm Support: Ensures exceptional print quality and repeatability.

Lay Drawings of All Over Oval








Electrical requirements ≤ 28 stations 1 phase 220v (2kw + 750w per print head)
Electrical requirements > 28 stations 1 phase 220v (4kw + 750w per print head)
Air supply pressure 100psi / 7bar
Air supply CFM (per print head) 3 CFM
Image area (small) 45cm x 60cm (18" x 24")
Image area (medium) 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28")
Image area (large) 60cm x 80cm (23.5" x 31.5")
Maximum frame size (small) 64cm x 100cm (25" x 39")
Maximum frame size (medium) 69cm x 110cm (27" x 43")
Maximum frame size (large) 79cm x 120cm (31" x 47")
Maximum machine width (small) 368cm (145")
Maximum machine width (medium) 392cm (155")
Maximum machine width (large) 412cm (163")
Machine length Depends on format
Maximum stations 66 stations

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