Hot Air Flash Cure

A unique combination Hot air and Quartz IR flash cure unit with air extraction provides unmatched intermediate drying of water based, Plastisol and Digital ink

Key features of the Hot Air Flash Cure

  • Rapid cure, medium wave quartz lamps
  • Stand mounted
  • Hot air recirculation and extraction
  • Three independed zones
  • Optional PIR sensor for automatic temperature setting.
  • Variable air flow adjustable through control panel
  • Filter tray easy to clean whilst the machine is working

Hot Air Flash Cure

Achieve rapid curing with our Hot Air Flash Cure. A stand-mounted medium-wave quartz lamp flash cure system.

It features high-velocity variable airflow, along with hot air extraction and recirculation, along with variable power output for optimal performance.

The HAFC is equipped with three independent zones and offers universal adjustability to seamlessly interface with most automatic and manual carousels.

Model Compatible Machines Curing Area
HAFC-5070-3 Cyclones, Ovals and Matrix 50x70cm
HAFC-6080-3 Cyclones, Ovals and Matrix 60x80cm

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