Adelco Matrix Oval Screen Printer

The versatile Adelco Matrix Oval screen printer provides more versatility for high-production runs.

Key features of the Adelco Matrix Oval Screen Printer

  • Modular and expandable
  • Precision in motion
  • Safe
  • High Production
  • Strong and stable structure
  • Smooth and quiet operation

Adelco’s versatile and unique Screen Printing Option

The Matrix Oval screen printing machine from Adelco offers a more efficient use of space thanks to its oval-shaped design. It offers greater stability with larger print press areas than comparable carousel based machines. The Matrix Oval printer provides more versatility with multiple flashes, cooling and specialty print stations, providing the most demanding ecological print solution

Available in three standard print size formats, the Matrix can be configured for almost any production requirement with up to 66 pallets and print stations. Its servo driven print heads enable cycle times in excess of 900 prints per hour.

It has a unique rail and drive system quality that ensures almost silent operation, creating a quiet garment print-shop environment.

Adelco All over Oval

Adelco All Over Oval

We are proud to launch the new Adelco All Over Oval, an automatic printing press that prints on every part of the shirt, including sleeves.

This comes with all the features of the Adelco Matrix Oval as standard. 

Seeing a need in the industry for a screen printing Oval to print on all parts of the garment in one movement and after much research and development, the All Over Oval was born.  This solution saves an enormous amount of cost and time. 

The Oval is built to a high specification and comes with all the high-end features that the Matrix screen printing solution offers. 

Keeping your Matrix screen printing machine safe

Pallets are securely locked with hardened locators. Indexing to an accuracy of +/- 0.02mm.

Safety barriers, proximity sensors, and safety lasers run the full length of the machine that immediately stops the machine if activated. The Matrix Oval is designed with safety as a priority, with worldwide renowned certification.

Unparalleled support of print heads & pallet arms during the print cycle for exceptional print quality and repeatability. 

To find out more about the Adelco Oval Matrix screen printer, please download our brochure or contact us.

In our line of work - quality, consistency and speed are of utmost importance and Adelco delivered all that!

Customer service is excellent and the machine is everything I had expected it would be. 

Our production levels are way up and because of that, it helped my business grow.

Carter Lee, VSC Textile Printing, Philippines

Full features and advantages of the Adelco Matrix Oval Screen Printer

  • Modular design offering flexibility
  • Servo driven index
  • Fast, smooth & quiet chainless rail system
  • Sealed print arms
  • Servo driven print heads
  • Quick release horizontal pneumatic screen clamping
  • Large bore squeegee cylinders
  • Quick-fit squeegee & Floodblades
  • Front & rear tool-free micro adjustment
  • Easy tool-free front & rear off contact adjustment
  • Advanced PLC control system & HMI interface
  • High density print mode
  • Auto lift print heads
  • Increased space between pallets
  • Rigid pallet arms
  • High grade solid aluminium quick-release pallets
Electrical requirements ≤ 28 stations 1 phase 220v (2kw + 750w per print head)
Electrical requirements > 28 stations 1 phase 220v (4kw + 750w per print head)
Air supply pressure 100psi / 7bar
Air supply CFM (per print head) 3 CFM
Image area (small) 45cm x 60cm (18" x 24")
Image area (medium) 50cm x 70cm (20" x 28")
Image area (large) 60cm x 80cm (23.5" x 31.5")
Maximum frame size (small) 64cm x 100cm (25" x 39")
Maximum frame size (medium) 69cm x 110cm (27" x 43")
Maximum frame size (large) 79cm x 120cm (31" x 47")
Maximum machine width (small) 368cm (145")
Maximum machine width (medium) 392cm (155")
Maximum machine width (large) 412cm (163")
Machine length Depends on format
Maximum stations 66 stations

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