Ellipse Sock Oval

Adelco Ellipse Sock Oval

An automatic sock oval printing press, designed exclusively to print on socks of all sizes

Key features of the Adelco Ellipse Sock Oval

  • Throughput - 700 cycles per hour
  • Built in line dryer
  • Automatic unloader
  • Auto pallet rotate - print both sides of socks

The Printing press designed exclusively for socks, with many advanced features included as standard

The Ellipse sock oval has fully integrated hot air dryers, and is perfect for screen printing socks, totally bespoke to your needs, you choose how many colours and stations are needed. With many features as standard.

The sock oval will run at 700 cycle's per hour. Therefore sock output would be as follows:-

  • 4 Finger pallet: Will produce 700 x 4 = 2,800 socks per hour printed & cured both sides.
  • 5 Finger pallet: Will produce 700 x 5 = 3,500 socks per hour printed & cured both sides.
  • 6 Finger pallet: Will produce 700 x 6 = 4,200 socks per hour printed & cured both sides.

Max print area size 75cm x 60cm deep.  A selection of different pallets can be purchased for this machine and they range in size from 75cm x 47cm to 61 cm x 53 cm  all 5mm thick anodized aluminium.

Oval options available

No Sock Sensor:

Single sensor per pallet - No sock no print.

The sequence of operation is as follows.

Three load pallets  -  open pallet/ additional load station - single print station - one open station for checking print - two x three pallet in line dryer modules -  single pallet cooling module - open pallet, index to other side - open pallet - rotation station - open pallet -  print station -  single open station for checking print - two x three pallets in line dryer - single pallet cooling module - open pallet / checking station & a single station auto conveyor unloading device.

Three Pallet In-Line Dryers:

3 pallet medium wave Tungsten coiled Quartz IR + hot air in line dryers C/W three independently switchable zones. Membrane touch panel control with adjustable power level, curing time and machine interface cable. Electrical supply: Three phase 380V, 24 KW per Dryer.  Maximum temperature 180C.

Auto Take off device:

Two meter offload conveyor with pneumatic controlled take off arm with adjustable sock grippers, spanning single pallet, removing up to six socks from pallet and depositing onto conveyor for packing loading.

Auto Pallet Rotate Device:

Auto Pallet Rotate Station (patent applied for) with pneumatic engagement & geared clutch controlled rotation mechanism.

Single Pallet Cooling Modules:

High airflow cooling modules, with variable airflow control and air recirculation.

Additional pallet options:

0 Pallet Name Print Area No. of Fingers  Pallet Name Print Area No. of Fingers 
1 Toddler 75 x 38cm 6 Bariatric 61 x 53cm 4
2 XL 75 x 41cm 6 Bariatric 72 x 59cm 5
3 XXL 75 x 47cm 6 XL 67 x 41cm 5
4 Large 75 x 45cm 6 XL 66 x 46.5cm 5
5 Small 66 x 42cm 6 XXL 66 x 47cm 5
Electrical supply Single phase 220V, 3 KW
Electrical Supply - Cooling modules Three phase 380V, 3 KW per Unit
Electrical requirements- Dryer Three phase 380V, 24 KW per Dryer.
Air supply pressure 100 PSI / 7 Bar, 10 CFM
Print area 75cm wide x 60cm deep.
Machine Length 15630cm
Machine Width 4560cm

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