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PulseID Connect for Kornit

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PulseID Connect for Kornit

PulseID Connect for Kornit is an order management and workflow system dedicated to the direct to garment printing business.  It provides a standardised communication platform between fulfilment centres and order submitters to ensure products are consistently printed with the highest quality and efficiency possible.

PulseID Connect for Kornit includes a complete workflow module to manage your print jobs from order reception to your DTG printers without any human interference. Designs and placement information are sent directly to your DTG printer ready to be retrieved and printed with the scan of a brarcode.  Our barcode labelling system also keeps track of the status of each order as they go through your production process. right through to shipping.

PulseID Connect is your key to error free, automated workflow and order management.

Workflow from picking to shipping

PulseID Connect for Kornit includes a complete workflow management system that begins the moment an order is received.  It includes the ability to print production labels for easy garment picking and automated order retrieval.  Inventory’s physical location can be assigned to products so that pickers know exactly where to find the SKU they need to print on within the warehouse.  PulseID Connect will sort by stock location name when printing labels so that the garment picker never needs to double back.

Once picked, simply scan the production label’s barcode to automatically retrieve and print the required design and update the order satus.  Each production label contains space for up to 4 barcodes in order to accommodate each available printing zone on the garment.  Production labels stay with the order until the garment is ready to ship, tracking the order status every step of the way until an order is marked as complete. Then, PulseID Connect will print a shipping label with the end customer’s address so it can be packaged right away.

  • Print production labels with barcodes to track orders from reception to delivery
  • Assign physical locations to product SKUs for easy picking
  • Automatic order status update each time barcodes are scanned
  • Automatically print shipping labels when orders are scanned in the packing area.

Online based web portal

Communicate with customers from around the world using a standardised platform to receive orders and check order status from any modern web browser.

PulseID Connect API

The PulseID Connect API (Application Program Interface) can be integrated into your existing ordering system or website.  Order data is stored in a standardised, non-encrypted spreadsheet format.

Product and print location management

Manage your database of products and set images to automatically scale to fit your pre-defined printable locations based on garment size, colour, or many other criteria.

Barcoding Eliminates Manual Errors

Production ready files are generated directly from the order data and supplied images, and sent to the printer using barcode technology.  Printer configuration for the specific design and garment to be printed are transmitted to the machine at the time the order is requested by the operator.

Production reporting and order status

Generate production reports by machine and operator as well as obtaining real time statistics from a production dashboard available through your web portal.  Fulfilment centres and their clients can submit and view the status of orders while on the go using any modern web browser.

Connect with your customers

Customers can send orders to your fulfilment centre using the PulseID Connect to Kornint web portal UI to upload a simple XML, CSV or XLS file and the accompanying PNG design file. The order submitter can even drop their orders into a local folder on their computer to have it automatically sync to the fulfilment centre’s online database.  Once submitted, your customers can see full previews of the selected garment with designs to confirm that there are no errors before signing off on their order.  They can then track production status as it moves through the fulfilment centre, or review the complete history of orders they have sent to your fulfilment centre.


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