Adelco DTF Printer

The Most Completed In-Line Direct to Film Printer in the Market

Key features of the Adelco DTF Printer

  • Four & Two Head Models Available - Choose between our Four-Head and Two-Head models to suit your specific printing needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Water Based Pigment Ink - Our commitment to sustainability is clear in every print, thanks to our water-based pigment ink.
  • Automatic Re-circulated Powder Shaker - Minimise waste and optimise resource utilisation with our integrated re-circulating powder system
  • In-line Drying Unit & Cooling Unit - Experience the benefits of an in-line drying and cooling system for faster and more efficient printing
  • Auto Un-Wind and Re-Wind - Our dynamic tension adjustment accommodates varying print sizes, ensuring consistent results
  • High-Definition Prints for Various Fabrics - Achieve remarkable print quality on a wide range of fabrics
  • Easy to Operate - Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use the printer
  • High Strength Aluminum Frame - Built for durability and long-term use

Advanced Technologies in Adelco's DTF Printer

Adelco's Four-Headed DTF Printer, Automatic Re-Circulation Powder, and Dryer System

Our brand-new DTF printer is the fastest and highest-spec digital, direct-to-film printer in the market. It delivers high-definition prints in various fabrics and is supplemented with an in-line drying and cooler system.


DTF - Now with an Inline Cutter!

The Adelco DTF stands out as the sole in-line system, seamlessly integrating printing, powder shaking, drying and cutting processes for unparalleled efficiency.



Automated Re-Circulated Powder System

Our integrated re-circulating powder system minimises wastage and optimises resource utilisation, making your printing process more efficient.

Automated Powder Shaker

The integrated shaker ensures even powder distribution, resulting in cleaner and more precise print designs.

Precision Paper Pinch Roller

Experience remarkable printing speeds of up to 27m² per hour, thanks to our ultramodern pressing wheel that guarantees precision and stability.


Auto Un-Wind & Re-Wind

Our DTF system dynamically adjusts the film tension to accommodate varying print sizes, ensuring precise and consistent results.

Eco-Friendly Water Based Pigment Ink

Every ink we use is water-based, emphasising our commitment to eco-friendly practices in every print produced on our machines. This ensures a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to printing.

Anti-collision Device

This feature safeguards the printing heads during extended operations, supplying an added layer of security and ensuring the longevity and reliability of the equipment.

Additional features of the DTF

  • Advanced Heating Units - Five carbon fibre heating units ensure consistent performance
  • No weeding needed - DTF requires no weeding and is made with just an inkjet printer
  • User-Friendly Touchscreen Control - Streamline your operational experience with our intuitive touchscreen interface
  • No Pre-Treatment Needed - Save time and resources with our advanced printing technology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about DTF Printers

What is a DTF Printer?

A DTF (Direct-to-Film) Printer is a specialised printer designed to print high-definition graphics directly onto a film, which can then be transferred to various fabrics.

How does a DTF Printer work?

A DTF Printer uses eco-friendly water-based pigment ink to print designs onto a film. The film is then coated with a powder adhesive and transferred to the fabric using heat and pressure.

What are the key features of Adelco's DTF Printer?

Adelco's DTF Printer offers features like four and two head models, eco-friendly water-based pigment Ink, an automated re-circulated powder system, and more.

What types of fabrics can I print on with a DTF Printer?

DTF Printers are versatile and can print on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, workwear and awkward locations and positions.

How fast is the Adelco DTF Printer?

The Adelco DTF Printer can achieve remarkable printing speeds of up to 27m² per hour.

Is the ink used in DTF Printers eco-friendly?

Yes, Adelco's DTF Printers use water-based pigment ink, emphasising our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

What is the Automated Re-Circulated Powder System?

This feature effectively recycles and reuses the powder, minimising wastage, and optimising resource utilisation.

How do I maintain my DTF Printer?

Regular cleaning and calibration are essential for maintaining the quality and longevity of your DTF Printer.

Where can I buy Adelco's DTF Printer?

You can make an inquiry on our website or contact our authorised dealers for purchasing options.

Do you offer customer support for DTF Printers?

Yes, we provide comprehensive customer support, including installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Specs 4 Head DTF Printer 2 Head DTF Printer
Printing heads 4 x Epson 13200 2 x Epson 13200
Print Width 600mm 600mm
Resolution 3200dpi 3200dpi
Colour CMYK & White CMYK & White
Ink Type Pigment Ink Pigment Ink
Power Supply 220V - 50HZ/60HZ (110V Option) 1500W 220V - 50HZ/60HZ (110V Option) 1400W
Speed 4 pass: 27m2/h 6 pass: 17m2/h 8 pass: 13m2/ 4 pass: 14m2/h 6 pass: 11m2/h 8 pass: 8m2/
Operation Enviroment Temperature 18 - 30°C, Humidity: 40RH - 70RH Temperature 18 - 30°C, Humidity: 40RH - 70RH
Machine Size 1925 x 800 x 1667 mm 1680 x 820 x 1430 mm
Package Size 2300 x 760 x 86 mm 2370 x 750 x 650 mm
Weight 216KG 160KG
Belt Conveyor Automatic Re-Circulation Powder System Yes Yes
Applicable Film Width 600mm 600mm
Applicable Speed 18m2/h 18m2/h
Platform Temperature 75°C 75°C
Drying Temperature 110°C 110°C
Media Type PET transfer film PET transfer film
Media Transport Belt guide system and dual powered take-up Belt guide system and dual powered take-up
Power Supply 220V 50HZ/60HZ 6500W 220V 50HZ/60HZ 6500W
Operation Environment Temperature 18-30°C Humidity 40Rh-60RH Temperature 18-30°C Humidity 40Rh-60RH
Heating Intelligent 10 heating tubes infared heating Intelligent 10 heating tubes infared heating
Machine Size 3122 x 1130 x 1105mm 3122 x 1130 x 1105mm
Package size 2360 x 1150 x 1280 mm 2360 x 1150 x 1280 mm
Weight 297KG 297KG

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