DTF Cutter

DTF Cutter

Introducing an intelligent accessory for our DTF printer. The DTF Cutter, the perfect companion for the DTF.

Key features of the DTF Cutter

  • Fast Cutting Unit
  • Multi-layer Cutting
  • High-speed CCD Camera
  • High-precision Cutting Unit
  • Adjustable Cutting Levels
  • Half-cut & Perf-cut
  • Adjustment Algorithm
  • Accurate Cutting Paths
  • Segment Cutting Operation
  • Cutting Along the Dotted Lines
DTF Cutter

A highly intelligent CNC Digital Cutter unit. A perfect pair for our DTF solution for a seamless DTF solution.

Adelco’s computerized numerical control Digital Cutter comes equipped with an advanced high-precision cutting unit that ensures the highest detail in small designs. Paired with a safety motor tool that will pause operations whenever the carriage is jammed.

precision cut png

High-precision cutting unit

Remarkably accurate, able to do consistent cuts as small as 0.8mm.

algorithm cutter

Adjustment algorithm

Able to detect and discard distorted, rounded or lifted corner designs.

CNC Digital Cutter

This digital cutter is the perfect match for the DTF. Allowing to have a more precise alignment using different types of axis around the designs. Perfect for tracking long rolls, laminated designs and heavier materials.

On top of its high troubleshooting detection and high accuracy. This Digital Cutter is designed to be highly versatile under any circumstances perfect for any quantity and volume of production. 

Size 350 x 450mm or 610 x 900mm
Applicable Media Thickness 0.03 - 1mm
Applicable Media Balanced pliability for soft and rigid materials
Method Vacuum pump and/or adhesive mat
Cutting Speed 600mm/s
Cutting Force 600g / 5.8N in 8th level
Cutting Set-up Adjustable in every 1g
Blade Diameters 0.9mm, 1.5mm & 2.0mm
Blade Angles 30°, 45° & 60°
Dotted Lines Cutting Included
Drive AC Servo
Mechanical Resolution 0.0125mm
Compatible OS Win 10/ 8 / 7 / XP
Memory Buffer 2 MB
Software Windows Driver, SignWorkPro & CADtoPlotpro
LCD English
File Format HP-GL, PLT
Port in Standard USB, RS-232
Registration Marks Recognition Temperature 18-30°C Humidity 40Rh-60RH
Power Input 110 - 220V AC, 50 - 60Hz
Power Consumption 620w or 900w
Cutter Holder / Pen Holder 1 for each
Types of Pen Water based fiber-tip pen & oil based ball pen
Package Size L - W - H 1050 x 760 x 600mm or 1350 x 1220 x 1220mm
Gross / Net Weight 67 / 52kg or 160 / 90kg

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