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Kornit Storm Hexa

Kornit Storm Hexa

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Kornit Storm Hexa – For color critical production

Presenting 6-colour direct-to-garment printing solution, the Storm Hexa is ideal for sports and licensing franchises. By creating brilliant, vivid CMYK + Red and Green color combinations, printers can easily reproduce the true colours of any sports team and accurately match corporate logos. Kornit’s unique single-step printing solution improves your print quality while reducing your maintenance ink consumption.

New features:

  • Ink re-circulation mechanism
  • Uninterrupted flow of ink decreases nozzle clogging, eliminates purging, reduces direct / indirect costs and ink waste, improving total cost of ownership.
  • Increased system uptime, reduced maintenance, improved system performance & utilisation
  • Fast pallet exchange
  • Pallet replacement in seconds!
  • Humidity control system
  • Humidity controlled environment for consistent & optimal printing
  • 4 Litre Bulk ink system
  • Electrical battery backup system

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