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Kornit Avalanche HD

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Kornit Avalanche HD

The average run length is shrinking rapidly,

as today’s consumer expects limitless options and instant gratification. Kornit Digital HD technology equips you to tackle these challenges head-on, streamlining your process and growing your business.

Product Description

Kornit Avalanche HD, based on superior NeoPigment™ Rapid ink and advanced print technology, :

  • Significantly lower ink consumption to reduce print costs
  • Softer hand feel
  • Improved print quality, robustness and consistency
  • Upgraded QPP 6 soware with new capabilities and features
  • Supported by ColorGate Professional RIP tailored for Kornit HD
  • Uptime and ink savings delivered by the “Ink Recirculation” technology
  • White plus CMYK (HDK) or CMYKGR (HD6) color configurations
  • Upgrades from Kornit Avalanche 1000 / Hexa and Avalanche 1000 R / Hexa R

Designed for efficiency

  • Reduced drop size and increased pigment load ratio for optimalprint quality while using less ink
  • Reduce printing cost by up to 45%, depending on model

Designed to match retail standards

  • Ultimate white ink performance and solid opacity
  • Refined hand-feel
  • Precise, repeatable print consistency

Designed for quality

  • Multiple fabric types
  • Light, dark and colored garments
  • The widest color gamut, for brilliant solids, photo-realistic and detailed designs

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