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Kornit Avalanche 1000

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Kornit Avalanche 1000

The optimized industrial t-shirt and garment printer

The industrially engineered Kornit Avalanche 1000 is optimized for your digital mass-production printing needs. Easily surpasses the high-quality, high-speed and low cost printing demands of the garment and textile printing market with Kornit’s fastest industrial t-shirt and garment printer. It is specifically tailored to ensure supreme print quality, outstanding accuracy and exceptional consistency.

Push mass-production boundaries to their absolute limit

The robust dual-pallet digital printer with dual-bridge system and integrated humidity control system has a non-stop production workflow enabling parallel file loading and printing. Featuring dual-pallets, 1.5 liter bulk ink system, automatic maintenance and pretreatment systems, the Kornit Avalanche 1000 is built for 24/7 operation. With an industrial t-shirt and garment printer like this, you dramatically boost your print speed and significantly improve your print quality while reducing your maintenance ink consumption. Even if you are already manufacturing at mass-volume, take your production to the next level with the Kornit Avalanche 1000.

Main Features

  • Fastest print speed on both light and dark garments – up to 300 light A4 garments per hour
  • 24/7 non-stop
  • 24 spectra polaris print heads with 256 nozzles each


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