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Kornit Allegro – The all-in-1 Solution for roll-to-roll printing

With only 6 minutes from file to finished fabric, and a 100% sustainable process, Kornit Allegro is the fastest, most cost effective way to start printing on textile.

  • Ideal for fashion, swimwear, home textile, and more!
  • No Pre-or-post treatment needed
  • All you need is a single operator and a small space, for endless possibilities.
  • One ink set for any fabric type
  • Widest colour gamut in the pigment R2R industry
  • Lowest running costs in the digital textile printing industry

No Pre/post treatment needed

Traditional roll-to-roll printing is a long, costly process, requiring tremendous manpower with a lot of polluting chemical waste.

Kornit’s patented Fixation on the fly (FOF) means fixation fluids are inkjeted through the print heads directly onto the fabric.  As a result all additional steps such as pre and post treatment are eliminated.

This means a sustainable manufacturing process with a significant reductions in equipment, time and manpower costs.

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