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Avalanche Hexa R Series

Avalanche Hexa

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Kornit Avalanche Hexa R Series

The Kornit Avalanche Hexa was specifically developed to meet the colour and quality demands of the fashion and sports apparel industry. By adding Red and Green to the traditional CMYK colour gamut, we provide a 30% wider colour range for the print, fashion and design world. Accurately identify the colour needed for sporting, company and promotional materials with the robustly designed high-production industrial printer from Kornit Digital.Extend the available spot colour options and far surpass what is possible with the conventional four colour CMYK palette.

Break the boundaries of possible colour combinations

Create brilliant, vivid CMYK + Red and Green colour combinations. Easily reproduce the true colors of your sports team and accurately match your corporate logos. Fiery reds, warm yellows, deep blues and greens, vivid purples – bring life to the colours you choose to print with the Kornit Avalanche Hexa.

Main Features

  • Superior colour-matching and accurate spot color printing
  • Digitally print short runs with special colours
  • 20 Spectra Polaris print heads with 6 colour channels
  • Enriched accurate spot colour printing
  • 23.5 x 35 in / 60 x 90 cm print area for XXL garments and cut pieces


  • Superior colour-matching for fashion and promotion materials
  • Integrated humidity control and backup battery system for increased reliability

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