Adelco Pro-Cure SMART

Pro-Cure SMART

An advanced textile conveyor dryer that cures both screen & digital printed garments with five belt widths to choose from to meet every production output.

Key features of the Pro-Cure SMART

  • Five conveyor belt widths available & limitless oven lengths - Modular in design
  • Gas or Electric textile conveyor dryer
  • Built in infeed and outfeed fume extraction system
  • Self-tensioning, self-aligning conveyor belt with rubber covered rollers for unmatched belt life and tracking
  • Ergonomically positioned and adjustable HDMI touch screen control panel interface.
  • Reduced energy consumption, low running costs
  • Easy to clean, service & maintain - fine filtration system
  • Fast textile curing times for both digital and screen printed garments
  • Easy to access Curing time and temperature records
  • Triple insulation with air curtain for the coolest exterior skin.
  • Split belt options
  • Vacuum pull down

The most technically advanced and most efficient garment tunnel conveyor dryer on the market

The new Adelco Pro-Cure SMART conveyor dryer range is fully modular in design and available in five belt widths and limitless oven lengths ,making it the perfect option to add additional ovens to the dryer as your business grows. You can customise your dryer to suit your individual curing requirements, for all digital and conventional textile ink systems.

Adelco Pro-Cure SMART Conveyor Textile Dryer

Designed and specified for advanced textile curing, the Pro-Cure SMART garment tunnel dryer has an updated, efficient airflow and exhaust system, incorporating oven feed and exit extraction hoods to provide a cleaner working environment.  As well as incorporating many of the popular features found in the Adelco Dual Dryer and our other drying machines.

A Feature Rich Conveyor Dryer

The Adelco Pro-Cure SMART curing machine is a feature-rich conveyor dryer that has a whole host of updated and advanced features as standard.

With many features to ensure, quick and effective maintenance. Including Rapid Dual Air filter cleaning and Infeed/outfeed extraction filter cleaning. Pit stop internal cleaning with quick removable external panels.

There are also some optional extras available to enhance your Pro-Cure dryer further. Give your tunnel a temperature boost at oven entry with the integrated, digitally controlled Quartz pre-heating system. We also offer a VOC exhaust filtration system as an optional extra.

Adelco Pro-Cure SMART Textile Conveyor Dryer

The Adelco Pro-Cure SMART system is available as a gas or electric conveyor dryer and uses a sophisticated touch-screen control panel, ergonomically positioned and adjustable.  Easy to use with on-screen temperature mapping, curing time, temperature history record and gas pressure display. With fault finding and service instruction videos, at the touch of the screen.

The Pro-Cure SMART conveyor dryer offers a split-belt model in all oven sizes with two burners, two speeds and two directions, enabling the dryer to cure two independent production lines at the same time.  The Adelco Pro-Cure garment tunnel dryer comes with the strongest, toughest and longest lasting conveyor belts on the market. That are self-tensioning, self-aligning with rubber covered rollers for unmatched belt life and tracking.

To find out more about the Adelco Pro-Cure conveyor dryer, please download our brochure or contact us.

Adelco is like a family to me, Adelco Dryers have strong money back – Good return, the problem is that they are too good.

Pally Hayre, Pally, UK

Full features and advantages of the Adelco Pro-Cure SMART

  • Various belt widths available: Split belt, 1m, 1.2m 1.5m & 1.8m
  • Unlimited oven lengths available:                                                                
  • Auto-tension, self-tracking rollers                                                         
  • Available as a Gas or Electric conveyor dryer                                                                     
  • Easy to service & maintain with quick release panels & filters                                               
  • Digital automatic conveyor belt speed control                                                                
  • Sophisticated touch-screen digital control panel interface            
  • Vaccum pulldown, providing exceptional stability of delicate fabrics, preventing lifting and flipping over.                             
  • Unique Hood extraction, helps prevent fumes escaping, cleaner and fresher environment.  
  • Split belt options. Two burners, two speeds, two directions, two production lines.
  • Triple insulation with air curtain for the coolest exterior skin.                                              
  • Integral exhaust adjustment                                                    
  • High Air flow for increased penetration, leading to faster curing times and giving unrivalled heat distribution                                      
  • Reduced energy consumption for low running costs                                                     
  • Highly efficient, direct Ultra-Violet controlled burner system                                                    
  • Optional VOC exhaust filtration system                                               
  • Recycles clean filtered air and extracts contaminated air                                                        
  • Optional Quartz pre-heat for temperature boost at oven entry
  • Removable Lint filters from either side of the dryer, no replacement filters required.
  • Fast and easy Filtration system that can be cleaned whilst the dryer is running, no replacement filters required.
Vacuum pull-down Vacuum pull down that provides exceptional stability of delicate fabrics preventing lifting/flipping over
Air Flow Even higher air flow through garment for increased penetration leading to faster curing times and wash fastness
Touchscreen 10.2" touchscreen interface design easier to navigate and reacts faster
Electrical Supply 3 Phase, 50/60HZ / 200-220V & 380-415V
Natural Gas Pressure 10" W.G. / 25m bar
BTU Requiured 125,000 - 225,000 (depending on the size of dryer)
TIme from ambient temp to 160°C (320°F) Approximately 8 - 15 mins (depending on size of dryer)

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