Adelco Digi-Cure Conveyor Dryer

Adelco Digi-Cure

The Adelco Digi-Cure is a new class in value and technology for the curing of digital and screen-printed textiles.

Key features of the Adelco Digi-Cure

  • Digital HDMI Touchscreen Interface
  • Integrated In-Feed and Out-Feed Extraction
  • Integrated Exhaust and Fan
  • Extremely Economical
  • High Pressure airflow for best curing penetration

A smaller drying machine with all our big-dryer's features for enhanced performance

About the Digi-Cure Dryer

The Adelco Digi-Cure dryer is our solution for small to medium production runs. Big performance on a smaller dryer for digital prints, water-based inks and more. The Digi-Cure oven is 2.6 meters with a 90cm in-feed and 90cm outfeed, with an 80cm belt width.

Big performance from a small conveyor dryer

While the Digi-Cure may be smaller in size, it includes all the same features as our high production dryers, so you can benefit from the many rich-features of our textile dryer range.  This smaller conveyor dryer has a single outlet for extraction, as the ductwork for the exhaust, infeed and outfeed extraction are internal in the Digi-Cure dryer.  With just one single outlet, you will benefit from a cleaner working environment.

Digi-Cure screen

The Digi-Cure comes with a digital interface to give you ultimate control over the drying and curing process.  You can easily control the belt speed and temperature control of the tunnel for optimal output.  The interface also provides feedback on maintenance and will flag any issues, helping to reduce any unnecessary downtime.

To find out more about the Adelco Digi-Cure Dryer, please download our brochure or contact us.

Adelco keeps up with technology and the temperature keeps constant. Service with Adelco is brilliant, Steve looks after us and is always on hand to help out either on the phone or getting stuck in the machines.

Pally Hayre, Pally, UK

Full features and advantages of the Adelco Digi-Cure

  • Economical.
  • High pressure airflow for best curing penetration.
  • Integrated infeed/outfeed extraction.
  • Digital HDMI Interface.
  • Integrated exhaust and fan.
  • 80cm Wide Conveyor belt.
  • Full 2.6-meter curing ability.
  • Maximum curing ability with minimum effect to fabrics.
  • Maintenance feedback & insights.
  • Control belt speeds and tunnel temperature.
  • Compact and streamline design.

To find out more about the Adelco Digi-Cure, please download the brochure or contact us.


Belt Speed 50 secs - 10 mins
Electrical Supply 19KW, 3 phahse 220 - 240V or 380v - 415V, 50/60Hz
Oven Length 260cm (102")
Belt Width 80cm (32")

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