Adelco Laser V

A cutting-edge solution that enables direct computer-to-screen processing, offering exceptional precision and productivity

Key features of the Adelco Laser V

  • High Resolution
  • Fast and Efficient
  • No Consumables Needed
  • High Precision and Resolution
  • Compatible with Conventional Processes
  • DMD Exposure System
  • Low Running Costs
  • Excellent Laser Screen Piercing Power

Adelco's Vertical Computer to Screen Solution

Our V version of the Laser has all the qualities of the original system with the added bonus of producing a screen on a larger scale. If you are looking for a textile laser printer that produces larger prints in the same level of detail, this is the one for your business. The max screen size is 1080 x 1200 mm, it has an exposure time of 120-240s and a resolution of 1270 DPL.


Excellent laser screen piercing power

Two laser powers are optional: 20W and 25W, the thickness EOM (emulsion over mesh)
pf 120μm with solvent resistant emulsions and an EOM of 220μm with water resistant emulsion can be achieved for special screen making such as carbon oil and capillary.

High precision laser

High Precision Laser Screen Printing

Effortlessly and swiftly achieve a raster of 120LPI and obtain high-quality screen dots through the utilization of an optical resolution of 1270DPI. Alternatively, with an optical resolution of 2540DPI, attain impeccable FM screen dots and high-definition curved lines.

Compatible processes with the conventional process

The CTS directly reads data files and subsequently converts them into images. These images are then transmitted onto screens using laser beams, facilitated by the DMD and lens components

Application Textile, Decals, Labels, Decorations, etc.
Max Screen Size (mm) 1200 x 1300 mm / 47.2 x 51.1"
Min Screen Size (mm) 400 x 250 mm / 15.8 x 9.8"
Max exposure Size (mm) 1100 x 1200 mm / 40.3 x 47.2"
Screen frame thickness 20 - 50 mm
Imaging System DMD DLP Technology
Emulsion thickness (EOM) Solvent resistant emulsion 3μm - 150μm
Emulsion thickness (EOM) Water resistant emulsion 3μm - 350μm
Exposure time 120 - 240s / m2, 350 mesh yellow screen
Resolution 1270dpi / 2540dpi (Optional)
Raster 133LPI
File Format 1_ bit tiff
Focus system UVLD laser, wavelength 405 5В±nm
Laser Power 20W/25W (Optional)
Machine size mm 1900 x 1417 x 2300 mm / 74.8 x 55.9 x 90.6"
Equipment net weight 1400 KG
Equipment Conditions Yellow light room with cleanliness class, temperature 22±2°C. 40 - 70% relative humidity (no condensation)
Connections Single Phase 110V/ 220V, 50/60HZ 4KW, Compressor air 0.5 mpa

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