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Kornit Breeze (Used) – £20,000

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Project Description

Kornit Breeze Used

Used – £20,000

This Breeze has the latest encoder strip, spray regulator and spray pump, with 100% nozzle tests, and can be seen running.

All about the Kornit Breeze

  • Developed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses
  • Combines high-end technology with entry-level cost printing
  • Eco-friendly process and biodegradable ink complies with strictest industry standards
  • High reliability and maximum system uptime


Engineered specifically for small to mid-sized commercial digital t-shirt printing businesses, the

portable and affordable Kornit Breeze is designed with an integrated automatic pretreatment,

de-gassing, and maintenance system. The Breeze provides an ideal DTG solution to new or

expanding businesses entering the digital t-shirt and garment print market.


The Kornit Breeze arrives at your door ready for e-commerce and web-to- print, making it the

right choice for both online and retail shops. It can be connected to any computer with a USB

port and requires only one operator. Print on dark garments faster and more efficiently with our

one-pass white and CMYK printing process.

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