MN Printing Bangladesh

MN Printing installs 2 x 20 Head Adelco Matrix Oval Printing Press.

MN Printing Bangladesh

MN Printing installs 2 x 20 Head Adelco Matrix Oval Printing Press.

Bangladesh company Mosharaf Group talk about their new machines.

The Matrix Ovals in Production

Textile Today magazine interviewed Ashraful Alam, the director of MN Printing and Washing Mills in Bangladesh, to talk about his new Screen Printing Oval Machines, the Adelco Matrix.

MN Printing are increasing its productivity and capacity by installing updated technologies including the Adelco Matrix Oval. Mr Alam answered the following questions.

Why did you chose the Adelco Matrix over other print machines? 

Due to the build of the Oval, the levelling is maintained and constancy is good. I prefer this machine for Photo type print, discharge, glitter and CMYK print.

We realised these machines are better for quality, consistency, and cost-effectiveness. Day by day worker salary is increasing, many garments are getting rejected, increasing overall product cost, so we decided to buy the machines.

The viscosity of the colour can be controlled so that the colour can easily penetrate and screen blockage reduced.

Generally two types of machines are available in the market, the carousel and oval machine, I choose the Adelco Oval machine because it can do rubber prints precisely which needs many screens, and many designs have 10, 12 and even 16 colours. During rubber printing sometimes it takes 2-3 print heads against 1 colour, thus we get the proper quality. That's why I choose the 20 colour machines.

The specialty of this machine to me is its robust type structure. It seems good for long-life precision printing. It's registrations are perfect and it is possible to run the machine at high speed, while maintaining the quality. This feature has inspired me very much to select this machine. Other than these, this machine has some other features which gives advantage from other machines. It's driving system is very good and its registrations sustain in the long run. It also has a twin drive system which is helpful for production.

It's lifting system is automatic which is also helpful, especially as the pallet is solid. I think solid pallets carry some advantages too. For quality production, the pallet system is good. 

We found problems with some machines in Bangladesh, we tried to start with a good machine, I personally like Adelco machines and visited their factory in China, also I visited some factories using their machines. Then I thought this is a good choice for us. 


It's good for long-life precision printing. It's registrations are perfect and it is possible to run the machine at high speed maintaining the quality.

Ashraful Alam, Director Printing, MN Dyeing, Printing & Washing Mills Ltd, Bangladesh

How have you found the print machine so far?

We have had the machine for one year and no quality issues so far.  We can easily clean the screen and the security system is also good.  Also, the possibility is very low for accidents to occur. 

The capacity of our screen printing using only the Adelco machine, we can do 20K in double line and 10k in a single line in one shift. We work one shift a day.

I think I got enough support from both the local agent and manufacturer, in case of any problem, maintenance and sharing of any technical knowledge.

They actively supported us both online and physically. Support is very important for any machine. So far I am happy that this machine is giving the best performance from the beginning. Production is going well and customers are also very happy with the quality. 



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