Roll to Roll dryer

Roll to Roll Dryer

The Most Advanced direct to Fabric Drying solution

Key features of the Roll to Roll Dryer

  • Gas and Electric models
  • Modular design allowing customizable sizes
  • Three insulating layers ensures a cooler exterior skin
  • Easy removable outer panels for rapid internal cleaning
  • Easy to clean double air filter
  • The discharge port includes a winding device for even fabric rewind.
  • High-precision, ergonomic touch screen controls.
  • Conveyor belt speed and temperature are adjustable
  • Exhaust equipped with oil drip tray
  • High-speed heat circulation ensures optimal drying while saving 30% of energy
Roll to Roll dryer

The Adelco Roll to Roll dryer is a sophisticated, triple-pass textile dryer featuring Siemens PLC and Honeywell flame control systems, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-efficiency

This proven triple pass R2R drying system enables three times the production compared to its oven length.

Adelco Roll to Roll conveyor dryer is compatible with both digital and conventional textile ink systems. Its modular design allows seamless expansion, making it the ideal choice to integrate additional ovens as your business flourishes


Spec R2R-200E-3B-2 R2R-200E-3B-2 R2R-200E-3B-2
1 minute 480 meters/hour 960 meters/hour 1440 meters/hour
1.5 minutes 320 meters/hour 640 meters/hour 960 meters/hour
2 minutes 240 meters/hour 480 meters/hour 720 meters/hour
2.5 minutes 192 meters/hour 384 meters/hour 576 meters/hour
3 minutes 160 meters/hour 320 meters/hour 480 meters/hour
Maximum power consumption (Electric models) 60Kw/h 118Kw/h 176Kw/h
Average power consumption at 150C (Electric models) 36Kw/h 70Kw/h 105Kw/h
Heating Elements (Electric models) 18x3Kw (54Kw) 36x3Kw (108Kw) 54x3Kw 162Kw)
Exhaust diameter (Electric models) 300mm 300mm 300mm
Intake pressure (Gas models) 4Kpa 4Kpa 4Kpa
Average gas consumption at 150℃ Propane (Gas models) 3.1 kg/h 5.4 kg/h 9.2 kg/h
Average gas consumption at 150℃ Natural (Gas models) 4.1 m³/hr 7 m³/hr 12 m³/hr
Exhaust diameter (Gas models) 300mm 300mm 300mm

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