Adelco Stretching Solutions

Stretching solutions for high precision and high tension screen plate making.

Key features of the Adelco Stretching Solutions

  • Adopt servo motor stretching control system, fully automatic stretching process.
  • High and even stretching tension.
  • Freely adjust both length and width tension.
  • Suitable for stretching, polyester, nylon, stainless steel material.
  • Simultaneously stretch several big or smaller size screens.
  • Simple to use

Please see below solutions for high precision and high tension screen plate making. Including both automatic and manual solutions, perfect for textile printing. 

Auto High Precision Stretching Machine HT-1020EA-WZ

This series is suitable for high precision and high tension screen plate making.

  • Adopt servo motor stretching control system, all automatic working in the stretching process.
  • High and even stretching tension.
  • Freely adjust length and width direction tension.
  • Stretching platform lifting function.
  • The merits of it are simple to use, electrical stem control during the stretching process, direct, stable and smooth operation, as the microelectrode is being carried forward.
  • Suitable for various mesh stretching, polyester, nylon, and stainless steel material.
  • Simultaneously can stretch several big or more smaller size screens.


Electrical High Precision Stretching Machine - HT-1020EM

This product is suitable for different sizes of screen stretching, it can stretch one or more straight and inclined screens, no need for setting work platforms. Operating is convenient and flexible.  Able to adapt to different requirements of material mesh tension, particularly suitable for high-precision and high tension screen plate making.

  • The apparatus body 6.0MM steel using a hot plate bending shape, so that the machine appliance operating performance of high strength, not easily deformed bend, to withstand high stretching force, up to 45N tension and no deformation.
  • The use of high-strength screw heat treatment, gear, and rack rails make the travelling guide, changed the traditional chain driveway, with the imported motor, more stable operation; safety switch, safe and reliable.
  • Use a single clamp balanced layering one fixture to avoid the key issues that arise when a lot of stretching (such as: mesh gap, tarpaulin mesh not fix folders, when stretching force, clamps with variation error, etc.).
  • The device clamps pressing force of 3 times or more than the conventional clamps, each clamp pressure can reach 650kg / cm2 pressure ( as normal is 200kg) and can be easily adjusted.
  • The machine is equipped with four sides independent gear motors, electric control, and symmetric stretch, using the speed regulator, the machine speed can be easily adjusted.
  • The device with rotary and touch switch, easy and convenient manipulation, even a novice can manipulate quickly. Digital control throughout the stretching process effectively guarantees the stability of stretching tension.
  • Attached with gauze roll with retractable mounting bracket, no need precut stretching mesh, saving time and labour, one time can simultaneously take control multiple stencils.

Manual Stretching Machine - HT1515MS

This mechanical screen stretcher series is suitable for stretching various size screens, and can extend several small size screens simultaneously.

  • Improved type aluminium clamps with quality rubber, artistic and lasting.
  • Tension Error margin is 0.6N/cm2.
  • Mesh stretching size can be arbitrarily adjusted.
  • A reliable and high quality build, with an attractive design.
  • Each part has its special features; the frame is light and firm.
  • Strong clamping force is the main reason to decide the quality of net stretching and this product beyond all others on the market.
Working Table size HT-1020EA-WZ: 1500 x 3000 mm HT-1020EM: 1000 x 2000mm
Max Screen Size HT-1020EA-WZ:1500 x 1500 mm x 2 EA HT-1020EM:1000 x 1000mm x 2 EA
Power X, Y & up/down - 1.5Hp x 1/ 30
Tension Length HT-1020EA-WZ: X - 0 - 1000m, Y - 0 - 1500mm Up/Down: 0 - 120mm HT-1020EM:X - 0 - 1000m, Y - 0 - 500mm Up/Down: 0 - 120mm
Power Supply 380 (220)V x 3p x 5KW
Working Pressure HT-1515MS: 0.4 ~ 0.7Mpa
Max Tension HT-1515MS: 35N

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