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6 Drawer drying cabinet - DDC6A

Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinets

Choose from 3 and 6 drawer options in the Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinet range. Available as automatic and manual drying machines.

Advantages and features

Easy load drawers

Digital temperature control

Independent digital drawer timers

Motor driven drawers

Hot air recirculation

Permanent lint filter

Adelco’s automatic drying cabinets offer a compact, space-saving and economical solution for the curing of digital and screen printed textile inks. Using temperature controlled, high-velocity airflow for optimum curing, the balanced airflow system directs the hot air directly onto the textile ensuring maximum efficiency.

Adelco is the only manufacturer to offer drawer dryers with automatic drawers.  Both models come with manual and automatic drawer options.


DDC-3A - Production Kornit Ink - 60 light shirts per hour Epson / Brother /Anajet - 90 light shirts per hour
DDC-6A - Production Kornit Inks - 120 light shirts per hour Epson / Brother / Anajet - 180 light shirts per hour
Electrical Requirements DDC-3A 3 Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220 V & 380/415 V, 13KW - Single phase option available with optional inverter
Electrical Requirements DDC-6A 3 Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220 V & 380/415 V, 19KW

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