A dryer that grows as you do.

Key features of the Digibox

  • 1-meter curing capacity and limitless modular expansion.
  • Optimal curing efficiency while minimizing impact on fabrics.
  • Streamlined and compact design
  • Automatic belt speed control down to the minutes and seconds.
  • Conveyor belt width of 80cm.
  • Boasts the features and performance of a full-scale dryer.
  • Incorporated exhaust and fan system.
  • Exhaust oil drip tray.
  • High-pressure airflow to achieve optimal curing penetration.
  • Slide-out air filter for easy maintenance.

Beyond Size

The Digibox Hot Air conveyor dryer provides all the curing advantages expected from any Adelco Textile dryer product with features only found on higher-priced models

Power efficiency is a key feature of the Digibox and enables customers to minimise or reduce their carbon footprint

Future Proof Yourself

The new Digibox is equipped with all the standard features of higher-priced hot air conveyor dryers and is designed to grow as you do, with 1-meter oven increments.


Capabilities of the extendable DigiBox

Model1 Minute2 Minutes3 Minutes
DG80E-1120 pcs/hour60 pcs/hour40 pcs/hour
DG80E-2240 pcs/hour120 pcs/hour80 pcs/hour
DG80E-3360 pcs/hour180 pcs/hour120 pcs/hour
DG80E-4480 pcs/hour240 pcs/hour160 pcs/hour


Specifications DG80E-1
Electrical Supply 3 P 220-240V or 380V-415V, 50/60hz
Maximum electrical consumption 10Kw/h
Average electrical consumption at 160°C 5Kw/h
Belt speed 30 seconds - 12 minutes
Time required to reach 160°C 20 minutes
Exhaust diameter 10cm
Belt width 80cm
Infeed/Outfeed 40cm
Oven length 100cm
Overall dimentions 180cm x 110cm x 116cm

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