Adelco 6 Drawer Drying Cabinet

Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinets

Choose from 3 and 6 drawer options in the Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinet range. Available as automatic and manual drying machines.

Key features of the Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinets

  • Easy load drawers
  • Digital temperature control
  • Independent digital drawer timers
  • Motor driven drawers
  • Hot air recirculation
  • Permanent lint filter

Adelco is the only manufacturer to offer drying cabinets with automatic drawers

About the Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinets

Adelco’s drying cabinets offer a compact, space-saving and economical solution for the curing of digital and screen printed textile inks. Using temperature controlled, high-velocity airflow for optimum curing, the balanced airflow system directs the hot air directly onto the textile ensuring maximum efficiency.

3 Drawer Drying Cabinet

The Adelco 3-Drawer drying cabinet offers a compact textile drying solution where DTG printers can be mounted on top of the machine to save even more floor space. Thanks to the drying cabinet’s triple insulated casing and ability to recycle heat for a cool outer skin, there’s no residual heat to affect the mounted digital printer, offering the most compact printing and drying solution on the market.

6 Drawer Drying Cabinet

For increased production requirements, the Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinet also comes available in a six-drawer option. It’s ergonomically designed for ease of loading the drawers and each drawer has its own independent digital drawer timer for precise drying times. It has a unique built-in lint filter than can be easily raised above the dryer by a single person, ensuring no further space is required around the dryer and no need for replacement filters.

To find out more about the Adelco Pro-Cure conveyor dryer, please download our brochure or contact us.

Adelco dryers have improved the quality of our prints, due to the dryers versatility. The service and technical support that I have received from Adelco over the years have been excellent. Always helpful and available on the phone or on the rare occasion the dryer has needed a service. Our dryer is pretty faultless, other than general wear and tear. I would recommend Adelco and definitely would by from them in the future.

Liam Stewart, Vortex Clothing Company Ltd, UK

Full features and advantages of Adelco Drawer Drying Cabinets

The three and six drawer textile drying cabinets are available in manual and automatic versions. Key features include:

All models:

  • Permanent lint-filter helping to reduce maintenance costs
  • Compact & space saving
  • Variable exhaust control


  • Independent times with audible and visual alarm for each drawer
  • Great entry level, low-cost solution


  • Each drawer is independently controlled via a membrane touch control panel – automatic open & close from pre-programmed timers
  • Digital display
  • Each drawer has independent motor driven drawers that are operated and controlled by its own cycle timer
Description DDC-3A DDC-3M DDC-6A DDC-6M
Drawer operation Auto Manual Auto Manual
Electrical Requirements 3Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220V & 380/415V, 13KW Single Phase option available with optional Inverter 3Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220V & 380/415V, 13KW Single Phase option available with optional Inverter 3Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220V & 380/415V, 19KW 3Phase, 50/60HZ, 200/220V & 380/415V, 19KW
Dimensions 151cm(L) x143cm(W) x79cm(H) 158cm(L) x110cm(W) x81cm(H) 153cm(L) x120cm(W) x134cm(H) 158cm(L) x112cm(W) x133cm(H)
Kornit Digital Inks Based on 160 degrees celcius, 3 mins for light shirts and 6.05 mins for dark shirts. Note - Increased pre-treatment levels will require longer curing times 60 Light 27 Dark 61 Light 27 Dark 120 Light 54 Dark 121 Light 54 Dark
Epson/Brother/Anajet/Polyprint /Dupont Inks at 2 mins 90 Light 90 Dark 90 Light 90 Dark 180 Light 180 Dark 180 Light 180 Dark

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