Screen Washing Solutions

Wash-out booths for washing and developing screens, ideal for screen printing

Adelco Automatic Screen washing and developing system: HW-1010AL

A fully automatic screen rinsing and uniform washing solution. The washing pressure, time, speed and cycle times can be adjusted, and the running speed is stable.

The combination of a large-flow, high-pressure water pump and fan-shaped nozzle and double-sided synchronous high-pressure spray, means that the spray system remains stable throughout.

The body is made of stainless steel 304 thick structure, ensuring there is no corrosion and the machine is durable.


The screen size can be adjusted freely within the maximum range (the maximum range size is based on customer requirements).

The washing stroke, pressure, times, moving speed and other related parameters can be set freely on touch screen.

The spray water pressure is 3-10Kg, the control display can be adjusted as needed, the linear track is air-dried, the speed is 6m/min, and the screen water droplets are quickly dried.

The memory function can be stored, which is convenient to use and operate. Compared with manual operators, the experience and proficiency requirements are greatly reduced, the overall processing cost is reduced, and can meet the requirements for screen printing of various specifications.

There is no water mist in the whole process, guaranteeing a clean and tidy working environment.

hw-1010m washing solution for Screen Printing

Adelco manual Screen wash-out booth - HW-1010M

A manual screen washout booth with a backlight, high-pressure water jet, manual stencil washer, and screen frame cleaning.

  • 1. 304 stainless steel makes the machine anti-dust and anti-corrosion.
  • Backlight system provides enough light to check whether the washout effect is good on the screen.
  • High-pressure water pump and spray gun is matched with this machine.
  • Assembled water tank located underneath the machine.
  • Easy to move and operate.
Max frame size (mm) HW-1010AL:1200 x 1000 HW-1010M: 1100 x 1000
Water Pump HW-1010AL:Lift 65m Pressure: 3-10 KG/cm2 HW-1010M: 1 Hp High Pressure
Power HW-1010AL:380V / 220V 3 phase 6KW HW-1010M:220( 380) V X 1p X 1KW
Dimensions HW-1010AL:W2645*D1250*H2580mm HW-1010M:1500 X 800 X 1870mm

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