Adelco HD-1010FL Screen Drying Cabinet

Adelco Screen Drying Cabinets

Our innovative screen drying cabinets for drying printing screens

Key features of the Adelco Screen Drying Cabinets

  • PID temperature controlled
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless Steel material prevents corrosion
  • Hot air circulation

Adelco HD-1010FV

  •     PID temperature control allows constant temperature distribution.
  •     Down-to-up circulation of hot air maintains constant temperature distribution.
  •     Stainless material prevents internal corrosion and allows long durability.
  •     Has a container at the bottom part, allowing for an easy clean.
Adelco HD-1010FL Screen Drying Cabinet

Adelco HD-1010FL

  • PID temperature control system and time relay keeps consistent temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.
  • Compact construction method, creating ideal handling conditions.
  • Horizontal drying of wet or coated screens with hot air circulation.
  • 5 drawers with smoothly running in ball-bearing slides, complete with end stop.
  • Several screen frames can be placed next to each other in the drawers.
Max frame size (mm)1200 x 1000 HD-1010FV: HD-1010FL:800 x 1000
Min frame size (mm) HD-1010FV: 200 x 200
Partition quantity HD-1010FV:10 Space HD-1010FL:5 EA
Drying method Hot air circulation
Heater Heating tube
Temperature control P.I.D.
Temperature range Room -80°C
Dimensions HD-1010FV:L: 1213 x W: 1440 x H: 1815 mm* HD-1010FL:1000 x 12000 mm

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