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Adelco Air Purifier

An effective air purifier for your DTF without any consumables!

Looking After the Environment

Introducing our cutting-edge air purification system, designed to ensure a highly efficient collection of smoke and dust, resulting in a substantial improvement in the overall working environment. All without any consumables replacement filters!

In addition to exceptional air quality, we prioritize a noise-free environment. Our equipment adheres to noise levels below 85dB and indoor air duct noise levels below 75dB. Trust our air purification system to deliver not only clean air but also a quiet and comfortable indoor atmosphere.


The high-temperature oil mist enters the air duct through the air inlet. As it traverses the duct, cooling measures are implemented to facilitate high-temperature gas liquefaction. This process leads the mist to gradually converge towards the pipe wall before ultimately flowing into the oil collection tank. 

Simultaneously, a small portion of the mist follows a different path, entering the electrostatic adsorption chamber through the filtering grid along the air duct. Within this chamber, the mist undergoes further filtration, adsorbing onto the metal plate and condensing. Subsequently, the condensed mist joins the main flow, ultimately reaching the oil collection tank for comprehensive oil separation and containment.

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