Adelco InkPro600 CTS

InkPro CTS System

Adelco InkPro600 CTS

InkPro CTS System

Excellent Condition - Ex-Demo CTS System | £36542

Key features of the Adelco InkPro

  • High Resolution
  • Superior Image Integrity
  • Fast and efficient - Less than 60 seconds.
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low print costs around 10 pence/ US cents per screen
  • Print head maintenance module
  • Built in LED scanning exposure unit means screens are imaged and exposed ready to wash out.
  • Can print and expose a screen in just one minute
  • Pay for the system through savings in conventional film costs.
  • Reduce exposure times and spotting out of screens

Adelco InkPro System

Adelco’s InkPro, is a high-speed, high-resolution industrial computer-to-screen imaging system based on inkjet printing technology, that directly generates and exposes opaque images on emulsion-coated screens with UV-blocking ink so that users can reduce the time and effort required for screen preparation. 

High Resolution. Utilising the advantages of higher-resolution inkjet technology, Adelco InkPro has the ability to print computer-to-screen images with richer details and smoother halftone transitions, which are superior to traditional film positives.

Built-in LED exposure unit included as standard. The specially formulated UV-blocking ink also works well on ALL emulsions on the market.

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