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Auto-open clam shell heat press

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The TC7 MEMBRANE heat press by Secabo is a modern, modular and automatically opening knee lever press with a work surface of 40cm x 50cm. The TC7 MEMBRANE features a passive membrane as its base plate. It creates new opportunities in the implementation of your Secabo heat press – especially when working with transfer objects with large differences in height and unevenness. The membrane can easily be inflated via a small inflation bulb. The membrane’s maximum compensation height may be configured thereby. The contact pressure is set via a large hand wheel on the top of the heat plate. When the heat press is closed, a manometer reliably displays the current contact pressure – in grams per square centimeter. The pressure can be adjusted via the inflation bulb and a release valve.

The TC7 MEMBRANE allows for taking accurate readings of the actual contact pressure, as well as reproducibly setting it. The press automatically opens after the configured time. An acoustic signal will notify the operator three seconds ahead of time. The pressing process can be stopped by the press of a button at any time. This feature may for example be used for the purpose of pre-pressing textiles. For your convenience, the temperature and press duration can be preconfigured by use of a digital controller. A counter keeps track of completed pressing processes and can be reset to zero, if desired. The TC7 MEMBRANE offers a fully modular design.

Control unit, heating plate, base plate and base frame can be removed and replaced in just a few simple steps. As a result, the implementation of other heat plates or components, for example, is made possible. The TC7 MEMBRANE clam press is suitable for professional use of all common heat transfer methods, including flock films, flex films, sublimation, inkjet-flex, etc. The Secabo TC7 MEMBRANE can be equipped with removable plates of various formats, a quick change system and a slide-extension for use as a double plate press.

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