Ovaljet Digital Printer


The OvalJet is a revolutionary closed-loop high-volume DTG printer designed on the production floor, that delivers unmatched colour vibrancy & fastest prints.

Key features of the OvalJet

  • Single Operator
  • Upto 240 Prints per hour
  • Intergrated neck label printing
  • Automatic bar code scanning
  • Digital 6 colour and white
  • Smart Cure - Inline Process
  • Digital Foundation "dot-for-dot" Application
  • Low print cost & exceptional ROI

Revolutionary Direct to Garment Printer

The OvalJet is a revolutionary closed loop high volume DTG printer. Producing unmatched colour vibrancy, superior wash durability and the fastest print speeds in the industry.  Designed in an oval shape similar to screen printing with the dynamic capabilities of 100% Digital application.

Able to print up to 240 garments per hour, with a single operator utilising a single ink set for all substrates. Exceptional efficiency and cost effectiveness. 

Pre-treat in-line with the machine

OvalJet's resin based foundation (Pre-treat) digitally prints the foundation identical to the image that will be printed.  This patented process eliminates the square box, staining and smell associated with other pre-treat processes.  It also allows a variety of different substrates that you are able to offer to your customers.

This formula is a resin based ink receptive layer, with industrial valve jet technology.  This minimises corrosion and has superior wash durability. 

Print Costs & Speed

Print cost is half of that of our direct competitors. Approximately £0.45 per print. The screen printing oval design moves each garment through a carousel of automated stations that prepares and prints the garments, this allows one operator to achieve full size, full colour prints at twice the speed of its rivals. 

Inline neck tag printing

In the same pass the OvalJet also prints the neck label.  With no additional handling enables complete branding. This is 100% digital variable print.  This unique process is patented protected.  

Click on the video to see the OvalJet in full production at Fifth Sun.

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Print Rate Up to 240+ per hour
Print Heads Ricoh Gen 5 (CMYKRG & W)
Main Print Area 40 x 48 cm (16 x 19 in)
Max Resolution 600 x 2400 DPI : 800 x 1800 DPI
Dimensions Length: 7.3 meters, Width: 4.8 meters, Height: 2.1meters
Compressed Air 100 PSI : 7 Bar
Power 63 KW - 3 phase 208V
Temperature 68°F - 82°F

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